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Thursday, April 25, 2013

TBT. Nothing but ball ya'll.

I am going to jump on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon. 

I started playing baseball when I was 5. My Nonny was a feminist who thought that a girl could do anything a boy could do. And since we didn't have a girl's softball league in White Hall yet, she signed me up for baseball. There were only 2 or 3 girls in the whole league. I was bullied horribly, but I learned to play ball. I played in the boys league for 2 years before I was old enough for the girl's softball league. I was ahead of the game (pun intended) because the other girls hadn't played. I really loved playing sports and played in baseball, softball, basketball, and volleyball leagues. My Nonny wasn't okay with me playing football, but I probably would have if she had let me. I wasn't a tom boy though! I love cooking with my grandmother and wearing dresses and having pig tails. I just really loved sports!  I plan to strongly encourage my kids to be involved in sports!
So today's TBT:

Me at age 5. I was serious about ball. :)

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