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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A fence gate start

Lessons I learned today:

There is a reason drill bits come in multiples in a package. Apparently a 1/8 inch drill bit is disposable and easy to snap off in a hole.

A pan head screw will fly off the tip of a drill and through the air at roughly the same speed as light and lodge itself on the bottom of a stack of 15 T post, never to be seen again.

No matter how carefully I try, the pilot hole I drilled is never in exactly the right spot again.

If you have an injured knuckle, you will bump it, scrap it, jab it, and nearly rip it off at least every 30 seconds. All other knuckles will be unaffected.

Any gate kit that says you can build a complete no sag gate in 20 minutes is LYING!

Additionally, if you are trying to do this yourself with no one to help hold anything, multiple that 20 minutes by 5. Add another 10 minutes if you have never built a gate before. Add another 30 minutes if you are clumsy.

Good thing I am to stubborn to give up... Stubborn and stupidity can look very similar to the untrained eye. Look how far I have already gotten.

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