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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Travels: North West Arkansas

On May 6, 2012 Jason and I visited the Pea Ridge National Military Park as part of our weekend away in North West Arkansas. It was an awesome place to visit.  The park's website is here:
The battle of Pea Ridge is the battle that saved Missouri for the Union. The park includes a 12 mile drive with interest point stops along the way. There is a phone number you can call in and enter your stop number and listen to a presentation about each spot. It was almost a spiritual experience when you stopped to think about how many lives were lost and what motivated both sides to fight in the war.
My favorite stop was at the Elk Horn Tavern. This inn was used as a makeshift hopsital during the battle. The house itself is beautiful. We really enjoyed walking the grounds. Gracie was able to run about in the grass and stretch her legs a bit. If I were ever to build a dream house, it would be similar to this one. The area is beautiful.
Front left view of Elk Horn Tavern
Back left view of Elk Horn Tavern

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