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Friday, June 22, 2012

Shaker jar cleaner

One of the best all around cleaners in the home is baking soda. And if you need to wet the baking soda, use H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide for you non-science folk). I keep a shaker jar of baking soda and a squeeze bottle of H2O2 under my kitchen sink at all times  :) Make a paste with the two to clean darn near anything. It works wonders on making my sink shiny and will remove burn marks from pans.

It is really simple to make a shaker top for your jar. Using a small drill bit and your drill, make holes in a waxed ring lid.

To keep the baking soda from absorbing mosisture and clumping or getting tipped overed and spilling you will need to put a standard canning lid over your shaker lid and then secure with a lid. When ready to use, remove the band and top lid, then resecure the band to keep the shaker lid in place.

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