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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Making a word art using Wordle

Every now and then I learn something at school that I think it pretty cool. This week in my Educational Technology class we learned about making word art using Wordle. Part of the assignment was to reflect on how we might use this in our classrooms when we become teachers. I think it is a great idea for a classroom or even for use at home with kids. I am including my completed assignment along with a summary reflection with some ideas on how word art activities could be educational and fun.


Reflection of Word Art activity:

This word activity relates back to ISTE NETST by incorporating several of the standards we discussed in class. For example the activity worked to inspire student learning and creativity. This was done by the student picking their own descriptive words and then being able to creatively choose how those words would be displayed. It also served to design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments and also modeled digital age work and learning. The processes encouraged students to collaborate with one another on ideas for words and also to communicate by assisting other students who were not as familiar with technology. This also provided an opportunity to promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility by allowing students to work together without them violating academic honesty or stealing intellectual property.

I would use this word art activity in several ways in my middle school classroom. A few examples:

1.       working in a small group, develop a word art using 15 vocabulary words from a science chapter on cell division. Be prepared to define a few of the words when your group presents the word art to the class. (ex: earth science astronomy words: orbit, galaxy, rotation, constellation, …)

2.       develop a word art using words to summarize the plot of a book  as the cover page of a book report. (ex: The Hunger Games words: Kat, lottery, game, poverty, laws, danger, teamwork, …)

3.       develop a word art using the order of operations words for a math class review. ( ex: multiply, divide, parenthesis, additions, …)

4.       develop a word art using 10 positive words from the classroom rules at the beginning of the school year.  (examples of words:  listen, help, prepared, prompt, kind, attentive, …)

Think of fun ways you can use Wordle to create word art with your children or students. It is also just plain fun. I am thinking about creating a word art and using my Silhouette to cut it in vinyl. Maybe one with a family theme for the living room or food words for the kitchen? Share your ideas in the comment section below :) 


  1. Oh that looks fun! I MUST try this with the girls sometime...or maybe to develop a button for my blog??? I REALLY want one of those!!!

  2. It was fun. For kids it would be neat to let them think of a few words that describe themself and then help them create the word art. Print it out and display in a frame in their room :)