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Sunday, January 27, 2013

New holder for Nike Sensor and a calibration

I decided that my Nike+ sensor needed to be calibrated the other day. I started wearing New Balance shoes instead of Nike's. The Nike's had a pouch built into the inside sole of the shoe for the sensor. I had been duck taping the sensor to the outside of my New Balance shoes until my nifty sensor holder came in last week.

 You can order a Switch Easy by going here.
They are one of the best Nike+ holder I have seen and fit very secure on my laces. There is an easy access button to turn the sensor off as well so that the non-replaceable battery last longer. And it is easy to switch to a different pair of shoes. I recommend it :)

So with all of those changes, I knew that I needed to recalibrate the sensor so that it would read true.
I have an extensive background in calibration from my previous professional life. I even took this 4 hour exam through the American Society for Quality (ASQ) to become a Certified Quality Auditor. This training tells me that when you calibrate a variable readout instrument that you must verify that calibration so ensure the accuracy of any future measurements. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well I decided to do a little two mile walk at the track the other day. No problem, right? At the end of the walk I told my sensor to calibrate that walk as 2 miles. Then it hit me: Hey fluffy chick, you now have to drag your tired tail around the track for another mile to verify the calibration.  Grrrr.. Dang ISO standard brainwashed me.  But at least I know that my sensor is reading true now. And I got in a 3 mile walk on Saturday. :)

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