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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My create room organization tips

I have been working for a while on my create room. I am calling it the create room because it serves so many functions. It is the place that I do all my sewing and my crafting. It is also where I store all my home canned goods and the tools used for canning. So this room needs to accommodate everything from a pressure canner and food dehydrator to paint and glitter and a desk for our office supplies.

This is still a work in progress but I wanted to share a few snippets of what I am using to organize my create room.

I saw a great idea on Pinterest to use those over the door shoe holders to store all kinds of other things.  It works great to keep the things I use most visible and within arms reach. This is on OUTSIDE of the closet door in my create room:


I am also using a dresser in this room. My scanner/printer is placed on top. (Ignore the other stuff... it is for a project I am working on).

Since the printer is there I decided to use the top two drawers for my paper storage. I keep my plain printer paper here. I also keep my card stock, decorative papers, greeting cards, and photo paper here.
Further down I keep my scrap fabrics and my patterns. I have found it easier to keep my cut patterns in zip lock bags with the original envelope shown in the front. I can never get the patterns folded back just right to go into the paper envelope.

I am hoping to have the whole room ready to share soon. It is at least functional now :)


  1. LOVE the shoe rack for craft items. Implementing in my daughter's room - stat.

  2. Shelli, you will really love it. It has totally changed how I store some of my stuff. And I have another one on the inside of my bathroom closet door. They work awesome!