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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Woo Pig Sooie

The second big game of the 2011 football season for us was the New Mexico at Arkansas game in Little Rock. The University of Arkansas is located in the Northwest part of the state. A few times a year, they have "home" games at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock! Jason bought tickets for us for both Little Rock games this year! The first was on Sept 10th. Jason's sister, Ashley, and her husband, Jason B. also went. We had a great time. We walked through all the tailgating areas and started to formulate a plan for the November game to do our own tailgating. Jason set us up in the perfect spot to see Tusk arive. Tusk is the razorback mascot for the U of A.

Tusk is actually a newer Tusk. The U of A has a breeding program so when a Tusk dies, there is one to take his place.
We also got to see the team enter the stadium. There is a lot of pride in Little Rock for the Hogs. This year the school asked all the fans to wear either a red shirt or a white shirt, depending on which section you had tickets in, to honor the memory of 9/11. The fans did an outstanding job. I was hustling the night before trying to find us matching WHITE Hog shirts. We pulled it off. The result was amazing:

The student section and cheer leaders wore blue. It was moving to see the fan participation in honor of such a tragic day in our nation's history.
We had a really fun time at the game. We stopped at chick-fil-a on the way home and had some dinner. I couldn't want for a sweeter boyfriend than Jason. He always makes sure that I enjoy myself. It wouldn't have been half the experience with anyone else. The picture of us together now graces both of our mom's houses as 5x7 prints. Oh and I may have one in my office at work as well :) I want to always remember the early days of our relationship. It only gets better from here.