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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back to School

As of today, I am officially a student of the UALR College of Engineering and Technology. I know what you are many majors have you had now? BUT, this is the one I will finish. My manager at work wants me to do this program, and I want the money I will make after I finish this program, and I like the security that an engineering degree provides.

So I pulled out my trusty backpack and am filling it with school supplies. I know I am a nut, but I think school supplies are so much fun to buy. Those new pencils and notebooks just SCREAM with promise and ambition

I am VERY ashamed to show the current state of my desk in my home office, but maybe it will shame me into cleaning up this MESS. I think it is VERY important to have a clean desk to start the semester off right.

So if I seem a bit stressed the next few months, please forgive me. Between working full time, going to school nearly full time, and keeping a home, I might be a bit frazzled.

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