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Sunday, December 5, 2010


I think my best friend has always been my sister.

Brandy was born on my second birthday. I wasn't thrilled about that fact until MANY years later. I ALMOST had to go to a daycare that day, for the first time EVER. But our great-grandmother threw a legendary hissy fit and I got to go stay with her instead. She wasn't about to have her baby girl be watched after by strangers, especially on this important day. :)

We were VERY different when we were young. She was outgoing and I was shy. I remember when we would have to sell candy for sports fundraisers. Back then you would still go door to door in your neighborhood. Since we lived OUT in the woods, we would sell in our great-grandparents 'hood. We agreed that I would carry the boxes on my bike, and she would do all the talking. One house for her box, the next for mine.

She was a TOMBOY and I was a girly girl. At Christmas, we would often get similar gifts, but she would get the 'boy' version and I would get the 'girl' version.

That poor frog had yarn tied to his leg because I wouldn't actually touch the frog, but Brandy insisted that I take my turn playing with him. :)

As we got older, we would fight like cats and dogs, but if anyone said BOO to her, they had to go through me. And she loved me to. The big mean girl from across the way once knocked me down and was hitting me, because she was big and mean. My little sister jumped off the tetter totter and jumped on mean girl's back and started pulling her hair and yelling, "Get off my sissy!!" We always have each other's back.

I plan on writing a post about Brandy soon, but had to share a bit about her now. She is and always will be my best friend.

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