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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jar Toppers

As promised: How To Make A Jar Topper

I love making things, even though I am not very crafty. These jar toppers are simple to make and make your homemade jams just a little more special.

First you will need fabric. I bought mine at Wal-Mart as a remnant. I was able to get enough fabric for 12 or so toppers for about $1.50.
You will also need string, ribbon, or twine.
Find a rubber band or hair elastic to be an extra set of hands for this project.
Oh, and you will need your sewing scissors.

Cut your fabric to the size you want. Since my fabric was a pattern of squares, I didn't have to measure. I just followed the pattern and cut 6 by 6 squares.

Then fold your fabric in half and then half again. Then clip the raw corner to make it rounded.

Use your rubber band to secure the fabric over your jar and adjust until centered.

Tie the ribbon or twine around the top to secure the fabric in place. Add a decorative label tag if you like. I printed mine from
Roll the rubber band off the bottom and admire your pretty jar!

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